Don't Have a Ticketwood Merchant Broker Account? is a consumer and comparison-ticket shopping guide covering a niche array of consumer. The site offers ticket price comparison and collects relevant product information. Our service allows consumers to compare different ticket brokers as well as prices, side by side. With our help consumers can find the right product at the right price!

Our goal is to constantly supply correct and updated information to consumers. In this way the consumer can always make the best informed choices based on current information. collects price and product information in several different ways (see below). Close cooperation with all ticket brokers listed at gets the best result for all involved parties.

Information presented at is collected according to the following:

  • Thanks to software technology we continually collect product and price information from ticket brokers on-line. The information is then temporarily stored in our database. (The software technology automatically searches the Internet and fetches detailed information.)
  • Some ticket brokers regularly auto-upload there inventory via a file which is automatically integrated with our feed.

If you're interested in creating a broker account for Ticketwood's ticket comparison shopping program, please register for an account through the Ticketwood Business Services .

Joining will enable you to list your inventory in our comparison site and gives you another channel to promote your business.

Banner & Email Advertising

Visitors to the homepage are an interesting target group in the ticket business. They are ticket buyers – not just surfers. Recognized among Leading ticket brokers Ticketwood has one of the highest conversion to purchase rates in the industry. Most visitors are planning to spend but are perhaps undecided as to what to buy. This is a target group that‘s not easy to identify. These consumers are at the “Point of Sale" and open to influence. In traditional stores it is good practice to use in-store material and other kinds of sales promotions to influence consumers. Buying decisions are made at’s homepage and target categories; therefore consumers can be influenced here in the same way as in traditional stores, but in a more direct and targeted way.

Reviews, discussion groups, buying advice and guides are some of the services provided by in addition to basic shopping comparisons. These additional services give added value to consumers and a positive attitude to To advertise in this environment will result in positive associations. offers Banner and Email Advertising opportunities, which are ideal for online Ticket marketers seeking to acquire event ticket buyers and gain additional brand exposure. To inquire about banner & email advertising opportunities, click here.

Partnership Opportunities & Business Development Inquiries

If you are a publisher or content site, can provide you with leading edge ticket shopping solutions that add commerce to your website and generate revenue for your company. To inquire about partnership or other business development opportunities, click here.

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