31 January 2013

Michael Lohan and his girlfriend Kate Major had their baby boy

Posted by Rachid Madani


Yesterday Wednesday, at a hospital in Florida, Michael Lohan and his girlfriend Kate Major welcomed their baby boy. This the first for the couple, and it’s another member added to the Lohan clan. The new born child’s name is Landon Major Lohan and he just doing great weighing 7 pounds and 5 ounces.



30 January 2013

Beyonce to perform at Super Bowl halftime for free

Posted by Rachid Madani


The “Bootylicious” singer, Beyonce, is expected to perform at the 47th Super Bowl halftime show that is scheduled to take place February 3rd at the Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans. It’s reported that Beyonce is not going to be paid, but not her team of musicians and backup singers that will be paid by NFL production budget. The budget given for Beyonce for production costs is $600,000, but she won’t get any fee for her appearance.


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29 January 2013

After being shot, Rick Ross crashed his car to an apartment

Posted by Rachid Madani


After celebrating his 37th birthday, Rick Ross was at the mid of a shooting and crash at the Miami night club LIV. Just outside the city, someone fired at a Rolls-Royce Ross was driving. To run away the shooting, Rick crashed the car into an apartment, but none was injured. The attacker or attackers fled the area before police arrival, and police still looking for them. Ross has received explicit threats including some via Youtube.


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28 January 2013

Chris Brown and Frank Ocean had a brawl in an L.A Studio

Posted by Rachid Madani


Last Sunday night, Chris Brown and Frank Ocean were involved in a brawl in an L.A Studio. It’s reported that Chris was there listening to one of the artists he represents, and when he wanted to leave he was blocked by Frank Ocean and his crew. When Chris went to shake Frank’s hand, one of Frank’s friends attacked him, and one of Chris’s friends then hit the attacker. And then Frank came to Chris who pushed him away and the brawl started.



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23 January 2013

Kevin Bacon is back on TV on “The Following”

Posted by Joe


Last Monday night, the 54 year-old actor, Kevin Bacon who spent most of his career in movies, came back on TV. He appeared in the new show of Fox “The Following” that just started Monday night. The producer of “The Following” is Kevin Williamson who produced “The Vampire Diaries” and the “Scream” movies. “The Following” whose new episodes will air every Monday 9 p.m. on FOX has what needed to be successful including the presence of actors from the caliber of Kevin Bacon.



22 January 2013

Someone called police swat from Chris Brown’s house

Posted by mya


Yesterday afternoon, police rushed to Chris Brown’s house in Hollywood Hills after they got a call from someone allegedly reporting an incident involving a gun, but it was just a joke. The police said that before the caller hang up, he told them that there’s a fight incident between father and mother, and the father went to a room to get a gun. And when they arrived, there was any sign of such event. Chris was absent from home when the incident happened.


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21 January 2013

The former NBA star, Allen Iverson reached a $3 million with his ex-wife

Posted by Rachid Madani


Allen Iverson, the former NBA star, has reached a deal with his ex-wife, Tawanna, to end their divorce battle by paying her a $3 million. Last week, the couple informed the judge about the agreement they have reached outside of court. In addition to the sum, it’s reported that the star agreed as well to fork over various assets. The deal has come after a fierce year of exchange of allegations between the two.


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18 January 2013

John Mayer thinks of tying the knot with Katy Perry

Posted by Joe


Katy Perry’s boyfriend, John Mayer, is thinking to propose to her. The couple starts dating this is six months after Katy finalized her divorce last July from Russell Brand. It said that John likes Katy being independent and not needy, unlike the other girls he dated before. It’s also said that Katy also is thinking about settle with John and even have children with him.



17 January 2013

Kris Humphries is accusing his ex-wife Kim Kardashian of Fraud

Posted by Rachid Madani


Kim Kardashian denied the accusations of Kris Humphries, her ex-husband, that she fraudulently married him. This is months that the couple has filed for divorce; Kim has made the declaration in a radio interview on Sway yesterday Wednesday January 16. He’s suing me for an annulment. He’s claiming that I [committed fraud]. Who would ever do that? It’s just not who I am.” Kim, who is expecting her baby from her boyfriend Kanye West, said.



16 January 2013

At the age of 47, Charlie Sheen is being grandfather

Posted by Rachid Madani


Charlie Sheen is still coming more surprises. The 47 year old actor told David Letterman on Late Show that he’s being grandfather. “You are going to be, in the next several months … fill in the blanks,” Letterman teased. “You are going to be a …” And Charlie replied “Grandfather.” And describing that, the star of Anger Management said it’s “fabulous… Me as a grandfather, Dave … I don’t know. It’s like the world’s going to crack in half.”