12 March 2013

Ticketwood, free ticket comparison search engine

Posted by mya


Whether you are a concert, theater or sports fan, you might have met difficulties in finding tickets for your event, or the prices you could locate are lofty. And this frequently happens when the schedule date of the event is close, and it becomes very hard to find tickets, and at that time you don’t want to miss your event, but at the same time you look forward to find reasonable prices. And in this situation, here’s the key to discounts – compare prices.

When you compare prices before you purchase tickets, you make sure that you have purchased the cheapest tickets available in the market. And for that purpose, comparison search engine Ticketwood.com is found for. When you access the comparison search, you look for the event you are interested in, and a list brokers that hold tickets is provided, and then it’s up to you to make the decision where to complete the purchase.

On ticketwood.com, you can compare prices for concert tickets for …

29 June 2012

Ticketwood Advice: Sitting or standing in a concert?

Posted by Joe


In most concerts’ venues you find places where you sit and others where you stand. You’re confused about which place to take? We will give you some advantages and disadvantages of both places and you choose the one that fits you the most :)


  • Coming late is no longer a problem; The advantage of seats is that they are usually associated to numbers. You choose your seat before booking your ticket.
  • Having a seat in a concert keeps you comfortable; you can stand up to dance on the spot and sit down whenever you need.
  • Because you usually pay a little extra for a seat, you can choose your place next to the VIP zone and with some chance not far from a celebrity.
  • It offers a better visibility but pay attention, the best seats are sometimes far from the pit and from your (favorite) artist and sometimes we regret the great atmosphere of the pit.



  • First come first served!! Standing places unfortunately are not associated to numbers. You …
14 June 2012

Win free tickets to an event of YOUR choice: Quick and simple

Posted by mya

Ticketwood is an online search engine for fans. We enable Ticket shoppers to quickly and easily find, compare and buy any tickets, sold by virtually all major ticket brokers, anywhere.

Ticketwood is giving you the chance to win free ticket to concerts, theaters and sports events of your choice every week.

To participate, simply go to Ticketwood page on facebook and like us. Take the tickewood quiz “What kind of party person are you” and choose the event you would like to attend. We will tell you some traits of your personality and will pick one winner each week. Once the winner is announced, A representative from our team will get in touch with him/her by phone and e-mail and agree on the available events dates.

Tickets have no cash value, are non-transferable, …

8 June 2012

Ticketwood Advice: How to protect you ears in a concert?

Posted by Joe



Have you ever attend a concert and left with your ears ringing for hours or sometimes days? Here are some advice that prevent you from getting your ears hurt.

  1. Arrive early at stage and avoid standing beside loud speakers.
  2. Find a place behind a tall man to protect you form vibrations or wait for the one who normally comes anyway to stand in front of you when the lights are off :) . Make sure that this person is not tall enough to cover the scene.
  3. Protect your ears by wearing earplugs.


Exposure to noise damages the microscopic hair cells found in the inner ear, which play a critical role in our ability to hear,” said Dr. Jose Fayad, House Ear Clinic associate.

Make sure to take the appropriate actions and ENJOY your concert!!

25 May 2012

Thank you to all our fans

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We are so glad you find us! It is always a pleasure to introduce Ticketwood to new guests and to remind our loyal fans of why they love what we do. Our team work everyday to make your experience the most exciting one by offering you the best tickets’ comparison website. We offer you about 10,451,102 tickets to 82,622 events. The website is very simple so that no time is wasted looking for events and tickets, and all information and best deals are clearly provided.

We want to take a moment to share with you some fans reviews to let new guests know what our fans think of us. Also we want to thank them for their loyalty and their great comments and assure them that we will always be there to serve them and make their lives joyful and easier.

“Ticketwood search engine is very good not only is it comprehensive but ticketwood focus on visuals and images makes it really easy for me to see precisely what I want. …