1 April 2013

Chris Brown apologizes for 2009 domestic violence

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After his 2009 assault of the girlfriend Rihanna and the broke up and reunite again, Chris Brown is showing some maturity and apologizes for Rihanna and he asks for forgiveness. Monday morning, in a chat with Today magazine, he said “what I did was totally wrong and having to kind of deal with myself and kind of forgive myself in the same breath and being able to apologize to, you know, Rihanna and be that man that can be a man, you know?”

Back to 2009, Chris Brown was still a reckless teenager. Of course what he did is not accepted, but the incident just didn’t deserve all the fuss made at the time. They made it strong for the two to come back together, but Chris Brown and Rihanna listened to their hearts and return to each other. And about hearts’ language and feelings between Chris and Rihanna, Chris said “So as far as me and [Rihanna] are concerned, she knows my heart, and I know her heart. So I’m not really focused on the negative.”

Now the disappointed fans at the time may consider their views and show some forgiveness too and welcome back this warm and noble gesture from Chris’ side, even if it comes a bit late. But as said, time heals everything, and now time shows that Chris Brown knows or even knew it before, that he made a mistake, but he is aware of it now and it will never happen another time as he himself replied when asked if such domestic violence would appear another time, then Chris said “Absolutely!”



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