Ticketmaster is the world's leading ticketing service; selling 83 million tickets to thousands of live events each year for everything from concerts to sporting events to family and arts shows. Ticketmaster operates worldwidein countries such as the United States, England, Mexico, Ireland, Canada and Australia.

Ticketmaster is the only place I go to purchase event tickets because it really is the only place *to* go. I really hate paying the exorbitant fees and entering the text from that annoying box (which most times I can barely even read the characters!). But really, do I have any other option? I don't want to drive to venues to purchase my tickets but I don't think venues contract with any other ticket selling sites out there. For that matter, are there other sites?

I just tried to purchase NFL playoff tickets on Ticketmaster ight when the tickets went on sale (10:00 AM PST on the dot!) and I apparently wasn't fast enough with the clicking to get tickets. I tried for concert tickets as well, and wasn't able to purchase any right when they supposedly are put up for sale.

Unfortunately, we have to live with paying $10 per ticket in fees or take our place in line at the venue of choice. I just wish I had another option

By Mike W. I recently purchased tickets for the Anger Management Tour here in Tampa, from Ticketmaster. Well they concert was supposed to held at the Ampitheater. Nearly a week ahead of the actualy concert, they changed places and expected us to exchange our tickets for first come first serve. I was outraged. i called up Ticketmaster and they handled everything for us. Great job guys!!!!

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Scott S.
Orange County, CA

Added 2011-05-15

Spent 30 minutes checking for the best available seat at the best price for a particular show.  I found the best available seat and I bought the ticket.  Immediately after buying it, I checked again and a better seat was available.  Customer service rep said, "Well, someone must have had that seat on hold and it just released."  

Riiiiiight... someone was searching for the exact same ticket, for the exact same show, for the exact same date/time, at the exact same time I was searching, they put the "better" ticket on hold at the exact same time I was searching (the seats only stay on hold for 5 minutes, by the way), and the hold on the ticket released at the exact same time I bought my ticket.  

I'm called B.S. on this one.


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Mr. B.
Pacific Palisades, CA

Added 2011-04-26

Who are you? What rock did you crawl out from underneath?

Do you serve any purpose? You and "Live Nation" are destroying music and artists!

Do you care? Are you listening?


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Anthony A.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Added 2011-03-10

This is another one of those "if I could give zero stars, I would" reviews. TM has been on a decline for years, that's nothing new. But lately what's been pissing me off beyond words is their complete lack of effort and ability to combat scalpers. Once word of a hot ticket gets out, fans are the ones who get the shaft as these assholes swoop in and buy up every good seat in the house, leaving nothing but crap for fans to scrounge for. Or, even worse, pay through the nose for seats that should've gone to them in the first place.

I could list a hundred stories here, but I'll go with the most recent. Rammstein is finally coming back to L.A. after a 10-year absence. The only show they've played on our soil in the last decade was at MSG in Dec. 2010... and those seats sold out in 12 minutes. Scalpers, naturally, saw this as a potential watershed payday. So, when tickets for their one and only L.A. went on sale, I was right in front of my computer, obsessively hitting "refresh" until the event page came up. And the best seats were gone instantly. Like a fart in the wind, they vanished never to be seen again. Unless you went on eBay. Or Stubhub. Or the myriad other scalper sites that had floor tickets for as low as $150 (face value was $98 after fees) or as high as $350! What were fans left with? Lodge seats, which were going for $86 after the face-melting $15 in service fees. Ticketmaster fucks you twofold. The first way is by not doing a single thing to combat scalpers from snatching up the good seats. I saw some assholes on eBay selling packs of 10 floor seats. WTF? Secondly, should you get lucky and snag a decent seat, they charge you enough in fees to make you second-guess your purchase. And can anyone explain why service fees for the higher-priced tickets are more than the lower cost ones? How does it cost me more to buy a ticket I'm already getting raped on?

I could go on and on and on and on. Bottom line: Ticketmaster sucks. Big time. And with no real competition in the market, they're only going to keep getting worse. Fans get the shaft and they laugh all the way to the bank. I'm not going to pass on seeing a show I'm pumped for just to avoid using their service, and they know this, but bands need to do more to make sure tickets end up in the hands of the people who want to see their shows - not the ones who are only in it for a profit.


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