Are Ticketwood a ticket Broker or a marketplace?

Ticketwood is neither a ticket broker nor a marketplace. We don’t make any purchase or sale of any tickets. Our website is an easy to use search engine whose aim is to show ticket results of hundred ticket suppliers in detailed listings so as the customer chooses tickets desired. No transactions are made on our website. Ticketwood is an online ticket search where tickets are listed and available from hundred of ticket providers from around the country and these tickets displayed in response for the customer’s search. After the selection of the desired tickets, the customer is redirected to the ticket supplier’s website, and there where transactions are made.

Which ticket providers does Ticketwood search?

In order to offer easy comparison for our users, we have built business relationships with hundreds of reputable tickets suppliers. The latter, that might be ticket brokers, ticket market places, or ticket issuers. Our main goal in working with a large number of suppliers is to provide you wide choice selections.

Ticketwood gives you the opportunity of searching for concerts, theater, and sports events you are interested in. search results are available for all events for which tickets are available within our suppliers’ websites. Because of the dynamism of ticket inventory, it may happen that some events could not be appeared on our search results, but you still can contact us and provide you with more detailed information.

Our search results are built on the partnership between us and other ticket outlets with whom we share integrated systems, so the procedure of adding a provider is not done in an immediate way. Though, you can check frequently as adding new ticket suppliers is one of our priorities. You may want to add a new ticket provider to our results, either you are the owner or just like to see it on our search list, you can contact us.

After the ticket selection is made, we check twice to ensure the availability of tickets at demonstrated price before linking directly to the website of ticket supplier where you complete your ticket purchase

Are commissions or shipping fees included in shown prices?

We show total price for each set for tickets, which is the sum of authentic price in addition to handling fees. This way, the user finds it easy to do easy comparison between prices across the listing from different ticket providers. Shipping charges and applicable taxes are not included in the prices shown on our Ticketwood’s search results. And this is due the variedness of shipping costs relying on your location, destination of the shipping, the type of ticket chosen, the delivery options. Applicable taxes are affected by many other factors including the buyer and sellers’ locations, type of ticket chosen.

Who set the prices?

On Ticketwood, we offer our users detailed search results including tickets’ prices. Those prices are set by tickets suppliers or by ticket sellers when it’s a marketplace. As our displayed results base on a different variety of ticket suppliers, as a user, you may see, in addition to broad range of tickets, a broad range of prices, for the aim of comparison. With these multiple choices, you can select your event, its location, price level…We urge you to checking back regularly because tickets and prices change constantly.

Why Ticketwood is Special?

In difference to other general search engines, Ticketwood results show precise tickets provided from our ticket suppliers. The ticket level of results shown is based on the criteria you choose, either rating, price, quantity…etc. To have a preferable position on our listing is not paid for.

After getting the ticket results list, you could compare tickets relying on the criteria you find valuable for you. To facilitate the use of our engine, Ticketwood offers maps so as the customer have an idea of where his seat is situated. In order to narrow the search, you could save tickets to a favorite for easy comparison. Before making any decision and moving to a ticket broker’s website, you can see all needed information.

Do we guarantee Ticket purchases?

NO. We are an online ticket search engine. No transactions are made on Ticketwood.com. After selecting tickets desired, you’ll be redirected to the supplier’s website where tickets are available for sale, and it’s there where you could complete your purchase. We carefully try to list only trustworthy and reputable ticket providers.

Most of our ticket provider partners, if not all of them, give guarantees to secure the transactions made on their websites. And in order to have more knowledge about a particular ticket supplier including its privacy policy and terms of use, please visit this supplier’s website. A list of our ticket brokers is available here.

How to start a search on Ticketwood?

Ticketwood has simplified the search process, in order to start a search, you just type the name of your event, be that theatrical, sporting, or a concert you are looking for (e.g. “Roger Waters”, or “Jersey Boys” or “Los Angeles Lakers”) in the search bar of Ticketwood. Also, you may include the name with some other important information such as venue, city, or the team’s rival...etc.

How to narrow the search results?

After pressing the compare button and redirected to the page containing ticket providers of your event, you can narrow your search by price range, you can also exclude a provider by un-checking its box. If you take some time to test using the price range filter, or the provider check filter, you’ll see how you can narrow a long list to only those of your choice. You can also filter your search by venue, city by checking the boxes you are interested in.

What to do if my event is not found on Ticketwood?

Our main objective is to display as much as possible of concerts, sports, theater events tickets available. The events that appear on our search results are those for which our providers are procuring tickets. Because of the dynamism of ticket inventory, it may happen that some events could not be displayed. You can contact us if your event is not appearing on our website.

Sometimes, you may face some problems finding the event you are looking for, but this does not mean that the event doesn’t exist on the site. You just have to try different searching options and ways, for instance you may enter only the name without additional information, or enter the name of the venue, or city. It’s preferable not to use abbreviations and check the spelling of your entering if it’s correct. As noticed, Ticketwood is doing its best to facilitate the use of our search process by developing many filters and ways of searching, but if you find that our search is not functioning very well, and you have suggestions for us please contact us.

Why tickets are not available for my event?

Ticketwood’s main objective is to display a wide ranging of concert, theater, sports events inventory. The search results displayed are for those for which tickets are available in our providers’ websites. Because of the dynamism of ticket inventory, and depending on how much time is left for an event to take place, it’s probable that the results displayed might be momentarily sold out. We urge you to check back constantly, as some events could not be displayed, even some hottest events, and right till the last moments. If tickets you are interested in are not shown, you can go to sign up option and provide your email so as you can receive results that you are searching for when available./p>

Why some of the tickets listed do not have seat numbers?

The results shown on the list display the details provided by our providers. The suppliers very often do not include the seat number in ticket offers for confidentiality and many other reasons. In such cases, we are unable to show seat numbers, but if the seat numbers are available, we display them.

When clicking on the price or ‘select’ button to choose set of tickets, what will happen?

When you click the ‘select’ link or on the price, you are given the chance to validate the ticket number you desire to buy before you redirected to the provider’s site, where you’ll find the cart of tickets chosen. As you are on the provider’s website, you can complete your purchase using the suppliers’ purchase process and, of course, you’ll be asked some personal information needed for purchase completion.

Why the prices differ from those on your site and those on the provider’s?

The suppliers of tickets are updating their ticket prices regularly, so it may happen that the price of your selected tickets have changed during time when you selected tickets and redirected to the ticket provider’s website and when search results were created.

Handling fees are included in the total prices shown in Ticketwood results. Though, when you are checking, there might be further fees for instance taxes, or shipping fees, or any other service charges.

Is it safe to provide my credit card information on the ticket provider’s website?

Ticketwood takes careful actions to screen its suppliers to guarantee their reputation and reliability. Yet, we do not have any influence or authority over the purchase process on these suppliers’ websites. Thus, we could not give any guarantees or warranties concerning the purchase process including the way your personal information is handled. To have a general idea about the privacy and safety policies of any of those providers, you have just to visit its website.

I could not complete my purchase on the ticket provider’s website, what’s wrong?

Because of the dynamism of ticket inventory and pricing, tickets are available through various outlets. It may happen that the selected tickets are already sold out to another customer in the time between you selected tickets and redirected to the ticket provider’s website and when search results were created.

If I confront a transaction problem with my ticket purchase, what should I do?

As a ticket search engine, we do not sell any tickets. When a problem appears within the purchase process on one of the providers’ websites, you have to contact this provider immediately. And for that aim, the providers always put contact information at the disposition of their customers. To see the list of our ticket providers you can visit this page

After completion of ticket purchase, can cancel or change my purchase?

In order to have a wide knowledge about the terms and conditions of our providers’ ticket sale including cancelations and other information, you will have to visit these providers’ websites. To see the list of our ticket providers you can find it here

What about the ticket list, and the favorite?

The list of tickets in the left of our Map arrange low to high price, so as you can see from the least to the highest tickets available. The list may also be listed in different ways, you can see that on every ticket result page, there’s a ticket list when there is Ticketwood map, a static map, or no map. In order to see the favorite, which is at the top right of the ticket list, you have just click on “favorite” tab.

For which venues do we offer Maps?

Our dynamic maps are created for top concerts, theater, sports venues taking place all around the country. As we add new venues, we regularly add new maps for new added venues. If you have any suggestions or there is a map you like to see on our website, feel free to contact us. As well as the dynamic maps, Ticketwood provides static maps for many venues nationwide. If you can’t find a map for a venue, you can contact us.


First of all we don’t charge any commissions or Fees. For each set of tickets, total prices are shown, and that is the authentic price in addition to the provider’s handling fees. The shipping fees or other applicable taxes are not included in the prices shown on our search results because shipping prices vary depending on your location, destination of the shipping, the type of ticket chosen, the delivery options. Applicable taxes are affected by many other factors including the buyer and sellers’ locations, type of ticket chosen.


There are many delivery options including through email, courier or pick-up tickets from the venue or the provider office. The shipping fees differ depending on different factors including ticket type, delivery option, shipping source and destination. To have more knowledge about delivery options and charges, you can visit the provider’s website and also see ticket notes.


Unless noted by the ticket supplier, all the seats are together. The ticket providers provide notes in which they point out seats information, for example if your seats are separated, or piggyback.


In order to put their customers in the image of ticket sales, ticket suppliers provide a set of terms and conditions under which sales are made on their websites. So, to have more knowledge about change and cancellations, you should visit the provider’s website.


In some events including the playoffs, you may be refunded when the providers see that it’s clear that the event won’t be played. In other cases of cancelation or reschedule, you may be provided a ticket replacement or money refund. Always, for more information, you have to visit the provider’s website and see terms and conditions of use.

When having issues with Ticketwood, what should I do?

If it happens that you experience issues using our website, or maybe you want to ask some questions about our service, you will have to contact us, and we will respond to you as much as possible.

I want to give suggestions and feedback, what should I do?

Here on ticketwood, we feel so honored to receive our users’ suggestions for the aim of developing our services, and we really take in consideration these suggestions, or comments, or compliments or any feedback we receive. Hearing from you, is a simple and consistent way to improve our service. So, please feel free to send us all your feedback.

If I am a ticket provider and I want to be on Ticketwood, what should I do?

Our main goal is to serve our users and provide for them a successful ticket search engine, so if you are a ticket provider and you think of sharing this experience and interested in working with us, you can contact us.