Welcome to Ticketwood Help option. This comprehensive guide is found for the aim of assisting you through the ticket buying process.

How can I be sure I'll receive my tickets?

TicketWood warrant to making sure you get your tickets to you in appropriate time for the chosen event. If it happens that your seller is unable to do so, we'll supply replacement tickets for you so you don't miss out. If we fail to do so, we ensure that you get a refund.

When I donít receive my tickets in the mail, what shall I do?

No would like to wait, and we too dislike the delays. We always try to have your tickets received to your mailbox in two weeks of the time of purchase, but it might happen that we face a surprise that prevent us from doing so. Before two days of the event date and you still havenít got your tickets, please contact us.

How much to charge for my tickets?

The price charged for a ticket could be influenced by different factors.

You can check and compare tickets available for sale, and youíll choose the price that you find competitive. And automatically, youíll by the cheapest tickets for best seats.

Keep the 10% service fee and tax on the fee in mind when setting your price.

Make certain that you comprehend any rules from the event organizer that might limit the sum for which you can sell tickets.

Can I cancel, remove, and amend my listing?

You have the option of editing, removing, or cancelling tickets amid your listings. But make note of what follows:

Immediately delete tickets from your account except if they are already purchased or a bid placed on them, in this case they canít be deleted.

If you do not remove a ticket from your account before a purchaser has bought them, you possibly will be liable for the difference in replacement cost to get exchange tickets.

Can I sell you my Tickets?

We purchase tickets from the customer like you. If you are looking to trade your tickets youíll have fill out our sell tickets form or contact us. When filling out the form please complete all the information required, about the event, price asked for, and your contact information.

If you fill the form and you donít hear from us, we do not need tickets at this time.