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United States

  1. Barbie: The Movie Los Angeles

  2. Gabby Bernstein New York

  3. Tyler Henry Los Angeles

  4. New York Comic Con New York

  5. Bill Blagg Miami

  6. Trixie & Katya Los Angeles

  7. Two Hot Takes Live New York

  8. Canada's Drag Race Toronto

  9. Brick Fest Live Cleveland

  10. Canadian International AutoShow Toronto

  11. General Election Opening Party New York

  12. Toronto Comicon Toronto

  13. The Psychology of Serial Killers Orlando

  14. Here's The Thing Chicago

  15. Fareed Zakaria New York

  16. Dr. Jordan Peterson New York

  17. Lauren Graham Chicago

  18. Esther Perel New York

  19. Jim Caruso New York

  20. Batman 1989 - 35th Anniversary Concert Chicago